Applicable at Election

Detail of Proxy received for EOGM till todate


Number of Proxy Shareholder Date of Submission Shareholding in Numbers Shareholding in Value
1 Archroma Textile S.a.r.l 25.02.2015 25,588,533 255,885,330



Profile of candidates contesting election of directors is mentioned under the tab of Directors Profile





Archroma Pakistan Ltd List of Shareholders Latest Data available   Proxy-EOGM(General) (4)   Extra Ordinary G Meeting0001

  • Notice of Election of Directors;
  • Following information with respect to election of Directors shall be available as per the time line given below:
  1. Proxy, in number and value, deposited by each candidate as and when submitted.
  2. Detailed profile of candidates contesting the elections alongwith their office address shall be available on website seven days prior to the data of election till the date of election: and
  3. 21 days prior to the date of election till the date of election:

i) Proxy forms to be placed on website; and ii) List of shareholders and their addresses accessible by candidate intending to contest elections (protected by password issued by  Company or personalized login mechanism).